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Well Seismic Solutions AS is managed and operated by Harald-André Knoop.    


Harald-André has a genuine passion for well seismic and also extensive experience from various capacities in a number of oil and gas companies:


Well Seismic Solutions AS, Manager and VSP Chief Geophysicist

Maersk Oil, Borehole Seismic Specialist

Odin Petroleum, Business Development Manager

AS Geograf, Department Manager Geophysics

Baker Atlas / VSFusion, VSP Region Geophysicist

Schlumberger Geco-Prakla, Team Leader Seismic Data Processing

Halliburton Geophysical / GSI, Geophysicist

Z&S Geologi, VSP geophysicist

(... let me also add that my educational background is Cand Scient Petroleum Geophysics from the University of Bergen, with VSP and wave theory as special subjects - and, what else - thesis study on 3-component Walkaway VSP...)

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